Weekdays during Lent at 7:00am


Trying to figure out what to do for Lent this year?

Look no farther than your very own St. Pius X Catholic Student Center. 

We are going to start God Squad here at SPX. God Squad is a Lent long challenge to help us sacrifice and grow closer to the Lord.
It is a truly amazing experience and a great sacrifice during this season of Lent. 

So what will God Squad entail for you? 

We will start each morning at 7am and will last until 7:45. Each day of the week will be a new challenge for us to grow in our Faith. Every morning will start with a morning prayer and an opening prayer. After that we will break out into our secession for the day.

Mondays will be a spiritual reading and group discussion over a Lenten reading.
Tuesdays will be Stations of the Cross.
Wednesdays will be
Thursdayswill be saying the Rosary and Breakfast Club.
We will end the week with Holy Mass on

Throughout the season, there may be a few days where we do some sort of community service or something special as well.
As a little incentive and give you fuel for the rest of your morning, we will have something small for breakfast (granola bars, etc). You do not have to come every day.  You can come once a week, three times, or whatever your schedule allows.  We will start God Squad on Ash Wednesday, February 14. I encourage you to come at least one day during Lent to see what it entails . I hope to see you there for this amazing experience!



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