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Monday, September 22nd

Book Discussion • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Confessions • 8:30pm
Mass • 9:00pm
Tuesday, September 23rd

Wednesday, September 24th

Wednesday Lunch • 11:00am - 1:00pm
Bible Study • 7:00pm
Confessions • 8:30pm
Mass • 9:00pm
Thursday, September 25th

Adoration • 10:00am - 3:00pm
Freedom to Love • 6:00pm
Confessions • 8:30pm
Mass • 9:00pm
Friday, September 26th

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Faith Forward - Come to the Table Student Survey

St. Pius X is in a strategic planning process.  As part of our Faith Forward -  Come to the Table initiative, we are conducting a student survey.  The survey was offered after Mass on Sunday, September 7 and at the Newman Club meeting that night.  An electronic version of the survey is available and accessible from a link here. Please complete by September 16th.  We encourage all students to take this survey as we plan for the future of St. Pius X.



Back to School Getaway

September 12th-14th

We will be going to Sky Ranch in Quapaw, Ok  Friday, September 12th - 14th to take
some time away from the books, stress and hassle of the beginning of the school year.  There will be time to relax, time to get to know some new people and time for fun activities such as paintball, zip line, bonfires and more.  If you would like to attend, please stop by the St. Pius X Catholic Center and sign up.  Cost for the weekend is $25.00.  You will need to fill out a Medical Release From, which can be found here.




Top 10 Reasons College Students Need Catholic Campus Ministry

10 - Get answers to questions. You might have questions and you are bound to run into other students who have questions about the Catholic Church. Campus ministries can help you find the answers to the big questions in life and some smaller ones too!

9 - Make good friends for life. A real friend is someone who will look out for your best interests. You definitely need friends who will support you in growing in faith and respect you as a person. Many good friends in college will be friends for life.

8 - Help when you need to make better decisions. If college has a reputation for anything, it is bad decisions. Finding a place that will help you make wiser decisions is a must. Start by asking "what kind of person do I want to be?" and then act like you already are that person.

7 - Discover your path in life. Choosing a career, figuring out your vocation, etc - many things are figured out in college. For life's big steps you might need help and you can get it in campus ministries.

6 - Give back! College is a time to start to think more about others. The majority of college students are mostly on their own. It is time to start to think about how you can give back to God and others. Remember, if you graduate with a college degree, you will be more educated than the vast majority of others on this planet and that is a privilege and responsibility.

5 - Have fun without the guilt! Campus ministries can provide a great way to have a ton of fun, with great people, without all the guilt that goes along with partying and the other trappings of college life.

4 - Live a life of purpose and avoid the college trend of losing faith. There are all kinds of bad stats which show that college is a time of losing faith (one shows that only 25% of young adults attend church weekly). Don't be one of the college students that loses what is most important in life! Find out how to live a live of true purpose.

3 - Learn what is most important. If your classes teach you anything, it is that you don't know everything. The same goes for your Catholic faith. You should learn what the Church teaches on an adult level and most campus ministries provide classes and opportunities to learn more. Having the knowledge of a 15 year old won't cut it for a Catholic adult.

2 - Find out what prayer really is. College is a time for trying new things. Trying a kind of prayer you haven't really done is also important, in order to widen your horizons. It could be attending daily Mass everyday, an hour of adoration every week, a daily rosary, meeting with a spiritual director, etc. Whatever you try, don't ever stop praying. Prayer is the foundation for a relationship with Jesus -> which leads us to #1...

1 - Jesus Christ. What good is your time in college if you don't leave college with a closer relationship to Christ than you did when you entered college? Catholic campus ministry can provide you with the chance to grow in faith. Ultimately - what good is college without it???



Walk for Charity

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014

Time: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. *Registration begins at 8:00 am

Location: St. Mary's Colgan Track (212 E. 9th St., Pittsburg, KS 66762)

The walk will take place on the track at St. Mary's Colgan. Please bring your signed waiver form and money to turn in at the time of registration. There will be waiver forms available at the walk to sign, along with water. Please promote the walk in your own parish, and let's raise some money for Catholic Charities. All the proceeds will go to Catholic Charities here in Southeast Kansas (SEK), which is the only place in SEK that assists people with rent and utility services regardless of employment status. The Walk is Free, but Donations are appreciated, and pledge cards will be available to collect donations from friends and family.  Pledge forms are available under the Quick Links tab:  Walk For Charity Printable forms on the right side of this page.  Please make checks payable to Catholic Charities or St. Pius X and mail to St. Pius X Catholic Student Center, 301A East Cleveland, Pittsburg, KS or drop off at St. Pius X Catholic Student Center Office or Our Lady of Lourdes parish between the hours of 9am-3pm Monday through Friday, or you can bring donations to the event! All donations are fully tax deductible.  First 100 to register get a T-shirt! You can register by going to catholicgorillas.org and going to the Quick links tab on the right side of the page for the Walk for Charity. For more information, contact Nicole Goetz at 316-616-5513 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Summer Rule Of Life For College Students

The primary authors are the Apostles of the Interior Life.

Summer can be a very good time for relaxation and rest, compared to the hectic life of the year, but it can also be a very fruitful time for spiritual growth.

“In this oasis of quiet, before the wonderful spectacle of nature, one easily experiences how profitable silence is, a good that today is ever rarer. The many opportunities of relation and information that modern society offers sometimes run the risk of robbing time for recollection, to the point of rendering persons incapable of reflecting and praying. In reality, only in silence does man succeed in hearing in the depth of his conscience the voice of God, which really makes him free. And vacations can help us rediscover and cultivate this indispensable interior dimension of human life” -JPII, Angelus, July 11, 2004.

It is important to enter summer with a “plan” for your spiritual life. Otherwise it is so easy to drift away even from the prayer commitment that you had during the year.

  • First of all be faithful to your daily prayer. Establish how much time you want to devote to it, how (rosary, meditation on the Word of God, adoration…) and where (home, the chapel, your parish…). It is better to start with a little commitment (for example 20 minutes every day), and then in case increase it, than to start big and then give up because you can’t keep up with it.
  • Go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation with frequency. Get information about the days and times for Confessions in your parish.
  • If it is possible, you ought to go to Mass during the week as much as you can, according with your academic/work commitments.
  • Summer is usually a period when you have some more free time on your hands. It is ideal to read some good spiritual books that can inspire you and nourish your faith. You will find a great treasure in the lives of Saints, their writings, and in books about specific topics in which you are interested (e.g., spiritual discernment, virtues, faith and reason, Church history, apologetics, morality, etc.). You can ask your spiritual director or a campus minister for some good titles.
  • Try to be in touch with some good friends, with whom you share the same values. You can either pray together sometimes, or take a commitment at the parish together (e.g., helping with teens, Bible study, working in a soup kitchen, etc.), and certainly keep each other accountable for your spiritual life. If you can’t be physically in the same place, at least you can call each other regularly.
  • If you have a spiritual director, or spiritual mentor, keep in touch with him/her, calling or emailing him/her if you are in need of help and suggestions during the summer.
  • If you are going to spend summer at home, you might find difficulties because you don’t have the St. Pius X community around. Families are not always supportive of faith, some parishes seem to be less alive than the Catholic Center, and you don’t get to see so many young people around. Remember that God is at work also in your parish, in your family and in your home town. Try to see the positive aspects there, and to think of that as an opportunity to give something of what you have received here at St. Pius X during the year. With your family, try to be strong about your decisions, but also understanding of where they are at and not judgmental. You can be a witness to them, with your peace and gentleness.


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